There is dirt on my face. I do not care about anything else in the world except for what I am writing.

Paige Dwyer

The Black Saturday fires affected more than 70 students and teachers from Diamond Valley College. As part of the recovery, and with the help of an Arts Victoria Artists-in-Schools grant, the students of the college joined with Neil Grant, teacher David Williams, and students and teachers from the International School of Kabul to share stories of resilience, courage and hope.

1000 Pencils is what happens when you allow freedom and creativity to flourish.


 A new and improved version of 1000 Pencils was published by Allen & Unwin in February 2011


The initial project involved students from the International School of Kabul and Diamond Valley College, sharing and publishing their work. In August 2010 three students and two teachers arrived from Kabul to participate in the Melbourne Writers' Festival. It was a memorable and fun-packed week. 




This project was supported by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria